2 April 2015

Sitecore 8 Link Target information broken

Starting the new year with Sitecore 8 :) That sounds really great.
Good to see the interface refresh...

After a few plays with it I had an interesting issue coming back from the tester team... Selecting the "Target" on the general link did not seems to behave correctly. Indeed selecting opening in new browser did not seems to work at all... With a bit of HTML lookup we straight away noticed that the value output on the "a" element for the target was not correct. This was outputting the options:

  • Active Browser
  • New Browser
  • Custom
Instead of

  • _self
  • _blank
After a few investigation, we noticed that the value used on the element was the actual Sitecore Name for the option instead of the value in the field:

We tried to update the Field Value on each option with no success:

As a work around we decided to duplicate the entire Targets folder and rename the different items to read the correct values:

The final steps was to make sure the new folder will be used as a source to the options on the dialog box. For that we updated the Root field on the following item:


And there we go:

Lucky for us we noticed it on our internal testing and we did not have to go through all the links and update them to use the new options... Unfortunately, if you have already started to use the initial options then you will have to re-edit the links and select the new target... Sorry for that...

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