1 December 2015

Part 0: Page History Module: Viewing the history of the page and the components items

Many Sitecore Implementation includes different type of items: Page Items but also Data Items. As part of sitecore best practices, we will use Datasources for rendering quite extensively. This means that every pages on our website are composed of one main Item (Page Item itself) plus all the Datasources Items which can be defined in different location.

Although we can use the workflow history to view each individual item history, it is quite troublesome to view all the page elements history.

So I wanted to PoC a quick module that will display a summary of the history on a new Content editor Tab. This is intended to help content editor to view the page elements, their location on the tree as well as their history (Version and Workflow history).

What I wanted to do is giving some sample on:
  • How to add a new Tab on the content Editor
  • How to access presentation information from Code and retrieve history from a version information
  • How to Use Sitecore API as Simple IoC
  • How to use a custom SPEAK App. For the purpose of the sample code, the SPEAK app is only a one custom rendering which could be easily split into several smaller rendering if require. However, making it a full SPEAK App was not the main purpose here.
You can find the final code in my BitBucket: https://bitbucket.org/yannrandri/opagehistory 
The sitecore package can be found in the following location:

So I separated this work in multiple blog post to ensure this one entry was not getting to big...

Please see
Part 1: Page History: Creating a Content editor Tab that run a SPEAK App
Part 2: Page History: code to retrieve history information and datasource information
Part 3: Page History: IoC using Sitecore API

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