4 March 2015

Sitecore 8 MVC version conflict

After playing a bit with Sitecore 8 and setting up a solution, I ran into an error which was kind of interresting:

Like many of my fellow dev, I usually include MVC through Nuget Packages. But I did not thought this would break the site... Well seems like the MVC version in Sitecore 8 is: MVC 5.1.0

and obviously the one coming from Nuget was newer: 5.2.3

Well although you could update your Nuget to get a specific version of MVC, I found that the easiest way was to update the Sitecore MVC version on the Web.config

This will simply use MVC version 5.2.3 for any call to the dll version earlier than 5.2.3 (including the 5.1.0 from Sitecore 8)

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